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School Term and Holiday Dates 2021/2022 Consultation 

In recent years Swindon Borough Council has adopted the broader principles of the standard school year, formerly known as the 6-term year. This decision was taken following extensive consultation over a number of years. Recently agreed dates have been broadly based on a model which has 195 term days and has holiday periods of complete weeks rather than part weeks wherever possible. 

The two options being proposed for 2021/2022 reflect the views expressed during previous consultation and in particular take into account the wishes of schools to retain a calendar of 195 days which permits staff development days to be set within term time dates and to keep to full weeks wherever possible.

Option 1 has an October break of one week and two days. The school year ends on Monday 25th July 2022. This produces a Summer holiday of five weeks and two days.

Option 2 has an October break of one week. The school year ends on Friday 22nd July 2022. This produces a Summer holiday of 5 weeks and three days.

Term dates 2021 - 2022 Swindon Consultation Pro Forma

Term dates 2021-2022 Swindon Option 1+2

Neighbouring authorities are currently consulting on similar options.

Please also note that academies and voluntary aided schools can set their own school term and holiday dates.

Schools are asked to feedback their comments and which option they would prefer for 2021/2022 on the Consultation Response Pro Forma, and return by 6th March 2020 to .

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