Headteachers and staff documents


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Swindon Challenge Board Terms of Reference March 2017 (PDF)

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SW Scarlet fever increased incidence school letter_2019 (PDF)

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Swindon Challenge Conference 2017 (PDF)

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Swindon Education Strategy Board Terms of Reference (PDF)

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Swindon Good Practice Awards Flyer Application form 2017.18 v1 (DOC)

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Swindon Challenge Conference Report 2017 (PDF)

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Swindon Challenge 2017 (PPTX)

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Swindon_MenACWY 18+ comms 1718_letter to headteachers_FINAL (PDF)

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Swindon_Student Vaccination Information Slip (PDF)

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Swindon_MenACWY 18+ comms 1718_student info slip_FINAL (PDF)

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Swindon Vaccination School Starter Letter May 2018 v4 (PDF)

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SWS Scarlet fever FAQs (PDF)

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Swindon_Yr 13 Parent_Carer Vaccinations letter May 18 (PDF)

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Swindon_Yr 13 Student Vaccination HT letter May 2018 final (PDF)

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SWS Scarlet fever increased incidence school letter (PDF)

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Useful resources and links (DOC)

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Winter readiness for schools-nurseries (DOCX)

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WM-classroom-guide (PDF)

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Troubled Families 021117 (PPTX)

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2 Egress Sending an Encrypted Email (DOCX)

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Year 13 Vaccination Letter for Head Teachers and Head of Year 13 25 5 18 (DOCM)

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The Cold Weather Plan for England Winter 2018 (PDF)

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13-19_strategic_leadership_group_minutes_07_feb_12rev (PDF)

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1 Swindon Presentation (PDF)

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2017 HPV vaccine. Resource for HT (PDF)

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45844 Great Western Hospital Baby Dental Postcards (PDF)

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56163 GWH Dental Workbook Series 2 (PDF)

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50274 Great Western Hospital Dental Bookmarks (PDF)

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57076 GWH Dental Workbook Series 1 (PDF)

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57299 GWH Dental Certificates (PDF)

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56162 GWH Dental Workbook Series 3 (PDF)

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58559 A Training Resource for Teachers Pack FINAL (PDF)

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5latest Great Western Hospital Dental Bookmarks (PDF)

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Admissions, Place Planning and Ey 021117 (PPT)

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a3-kids-jabs-poster copy (JPG)

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application for Happy smiles Swindon (DOCX)

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Advance letter to schools 2018_BN (PDF)

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A New Campaign from the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry (DOCX)

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Advance letter to registered childcare providers 2018_BN (PDF)

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Arrangements for School Improvement in Swindon (PPTX)

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Apprenticeships - Headteachers Presentation (PPTX)

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Application for Happy Smiles Programme (DOCX)

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Breakfast Briefing 31.1.19 - SEND Inspection (PPT)

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Carers flu vaccination toolkit FINAL (PDF)

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Child employment-licence-application 2016 (DOC)

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case_discussions_(proforma_for_notes_taken_at_meeting) (DOC)

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case_discussions_minutes__(for_typing_notes) (DOC)

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Attendance Matters 2013 -2014 (DOC)

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CME Policy April 2017 (DOC)

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Contribution Consent Parent-Carer (DOC)

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CME Checklist October 2016 online (DOC)

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d10855_leaflet (PDF)

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Contribution Consent by YP 16 - 25 (DOC)

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Cover letter to educational estabs 2018 (PDF)

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cpd_for_tutors_12-14 (DOC)

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David Haleys Notes 021117 (PPTX)

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David Bartram presentation Sept 18 (PPTX)

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d13517_young_peoples_leaflet_1 (PDF)

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ELSA Flyer - one page (DOCX)

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EpiPen and EpiPen Junior Guidance (PDF)

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ELSA Flyer - 2018-19 academic year with booking information (PDF)

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EWS Referral Form August 2016 (DOC)

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EHE Policy 2017 (DOCX)

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Expressions of Interest for schools - v3 (DOCX)

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Family Learning July2017 (PPT)

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Five Minute Focus (DOC)

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GWH colouring sheets (PDF)

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Fixed Penalty Notice letter (PDF)

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Early Years Request for EP Involvement (DOC)

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HT GDPR Vaccination Primary School Letter 2 Dec 2018 (DOC)

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Hints and Tips for Good Attendance Updated May 2013 (4) (DOC)

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Guide for Parents A-Z School Attendance (2) PDF (PDF)

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file_requirements (DOC)

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Krysta - Team SW (PPTX)

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Leaflet for Children and Young People of School Age (PDF)

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Leaflet detailing our service and legal stats September 2014 (PDF)

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Leaflet for Parents School Aged Children and Young People (PDF)

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Infection Control Poster - Nov 2018 (PDF)

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Leaflet for Parents Carers of Pre-school Children (PDF)

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KidsJabs_parent carer letter_June 2017 FINAL (DOCX)

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Leaflet for Young People aged 16 to 25 (PDF)

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Legal Enforcement policy 2017 (DOCX)

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Letter to education organisations - promotion of childhood vaccination (DOCX)

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legal_folder_phone_calls (DOC)

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MenACWY A3 student poster (PDF)

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MenACWY leaflet for teenagers (PDF)

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learning town presentation (PPTX)

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legal_folder_diary_sheet (DOC)

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National Literacy Hub Trust 021117 (PPTX)

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NEET and 18 year olds Action Plan (DOCX)

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notes_of_meeting_cross_phase_5_1_12 (DOC)

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Leaflet for our Partners (PDF)

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NQT Training Dates Flyer 201415 (DOC)

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Oral health Resources Schools (DOCX)

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MenACWY_Headteachers letter_Final_June 2017 (DOCX)

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Oral Health Training For Early Years Leaders In Swindon (DOCX)

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Ofsted Briefing RPA (DOC)

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Letter to parents - is your child protected (DOCX)

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Penalty Notice Code of Conduct Dec 2016 (DOCX)

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penalty_notice_request_form (DOC)

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Penalty Notice Code of Conduct Sept 2016 (DOCX)

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Peter Nathans Breakfast Briefing Notes 0211177 (PPT)

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Request to Issue Fixed Penalty Notice September 2016 (DOC)

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Request to Issue Fixed Penalty Notice 2015 (DOC)

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Policy outlook Swindon headteachers July 2017 (PPT)

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request_to_start_legal_proceedings (DOC)

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ReflectED Metacognition Trial 2018 (DOCX)

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PHE_Protecting_Child_Flu_DL_leaflet (PDF)

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Penalty notice certificate of absence (DOC)

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Powerpointkidsjabs (PPTX)

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rpa_staff_briefing_september (PDF)

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SDA-2018-Parent_Guardian Letter (PDF)

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SBP_2145 compressed (JPG)

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SENDIASS PSA Family support meeting Jan 18 1 (PPTX)

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SENSE_Slides_Swindon (PDF)

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Standard Child Performance and Activities Licence Application Form (DOCX)

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SEB Action Plan - RPA (DOCX)

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Social Communication and Interaction Guidance Aug 2015 (DOCX)

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Stop_norovirus_spreading_this_winter_leaflet (PDF)

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RPA Annual Activity and Commissioning 2014-15 (XLS)

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STFC PE Overview and Funding TSF 30-01-2019 (PPTX)

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RPA 17+ Action Plan (DOCX)

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SW Scarlet fever increased incidence school letter_2019 (DOCX)

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STS slides HT briefing July (PPTX)

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Study Higher Project presentation - July 2017 (PPTX)

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IRMS Toolkit for Schools 2019 (PDF)

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PHE SW letter to educational establishments re Winter readiness 2019-20 (PDF)

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Part Time Timetable Guidance Nov 2016 (DOC)

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Preventing infectious diseases in schools (DOCX)

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NOROVIRUS - PHE Advance letter to schools December 2019 (PDF)

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e-Bug Train the Trainer flyer 25th February 2020 (PDF)

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Exclusions Book 2019v2 (PDF)

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Secondary School Exclusion Report Term 1 2019-20 (XLS)

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Secondary School Exclusion Report Terms 1-3 2019-20 (XLS)

Size: 42.5 KB

Primary School Exclusion Report Terms 1-3 2019-20 (XLS)

Size: 49 KB

Primary School Exclusion Report Term 1 2019-20 (XLS)

Size: 43.5 KB

Primary School Exclusion Report Terms 1-2 2019-20 (XLS)

Size: 47.5 KB

Secondary School Exclusion Report Terms 1 -2 2019-20 (XLS)

Size: 42.5 KB

Swindon and Wiltshire FE Transistions Plan for 2020 (DOCX)

Size: 125.16 KB

Swindon and Wiltshire Careers Hub Weekly Bulletin 14th May (DOCX)

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Cotswold Challenge (DOCX)

Size: 18.37 KB

Fair Access Protocol - March 2020 (DOCX)

Size: 83.33 KB

Guidance for Schools on the Use of Reduced Timetables May 2020 (DOCX)

Size: 250.32 KB


five_minute_focus_form_-_oct_2011 (DOC)

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Fair Access Protocol May 2016 (DOCX)

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Fixed Period Exclusion Form - Part 1 (DOC)

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Fair Access Panel Review Sept 2012 - July 2015 (DOC)

Size: 491.5 KB

graduated_response_flowchart (DOC)

Size: 42.5 KB

Tool kit - Exclusion Guidance - practical support minimising exclusions for Swindon Schools Sept 2016 v 2 (PDF)

Size: 209.92 KB

Fixed Period Exclusion Form - Part 2 (DOC)

Size: 75.5 KB

Informing parent of a Fixed Term Exclusion (5 school days or fewer) suggested letter template (DOC)

Size: 44.5 KB

Exclusion from maintained schools, academies and pupil referral units in England SEPT 2017 (PDF)

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guidance_for_schools_on_taking_statements_updated_12_january_2010 (DOC)

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Exclusions Book 2018 (PDF)

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improving_behaviour___attendance_-_guidance_on_exclusion_from_schools___pupil_referral_units_-_september_2008 (PDF)

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Pastoral Support Plan February 2016 (DOC)

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Permanent Exclusion Form - Part 1 (DOC)

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Primary School Exclusion Report Terms 1-6 2017-18 printed 26 July 2018 (XLS)

Size: 63 KB

Primary School Exclusion Terms 1-3 2018-19 (XLS)

Size: 56.5 KB

Referral for LA Representative to set up PSP February 2016 (DOC)

Size: 57 KB

Informing parent of a Permanent Exclusion - suggested letter template (DOC)

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Permanent Exclusion Form - Part 2 (DOC)

Size: 75.5 KB

Part Time Timetable Guidance Nov 2016 v5 (PDF)

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Secondary School Exclusion Report Terms 1-6 2017-18 printed 26 July 2018 (XLS)

Size: 55.5 KB

Secondary School Exclusion Terms 1-3 2018-19 (XLS)

Size: 55 KB

Pastoral Support Plan Guidance for Secondary Schools Sept 2016 (DOC)

Size: 339.5 KB

school_security_-_dealing_with_troublemakers_feb_09-2 (DOC)

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Primary School Exclusion Report for Term 1 2020-21 (XLS)

Size: 44 KB

Secondary School Exclusion Report for Term 1 2020-21 (XLS)

Size: 42.5 KB


swgfl_-_enable_pop3_access_to_web_based_swgfl_mail_-_change_control_form-4 (DOC)

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generic_school_ict_policy (DOC)

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swgfl_-_request_for_additional_ip_addresses_broadband_-_change_control_form-4 (DOC)

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swgfl_-_generic_form_-_change_control_form-4 (DOC)

Size: 114.5 KB

swgfl_-_new_advanced_web_hosting_-_change_control_form-4 (DOC)

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swgfl_-_request_for_streaming_media_-_change_control_form-4 (DOC)

Size: 73.5 KB

swgfl_-_request_to_change_school_s_domain_name_-_change_control_form-4 (DOC)

Size: 68.5 KB

swgfl_-_request_to_create_dns_subdomain_-_change_control_form-4 (DOC)

Size: 62.5 KB

swgfl_-_request_for_additional_mail_account_-_change_control_form (DOC)

Size: 60.5 KB

swgfl_-_transfer_domain_name_to_swgfl_-_change_control_form-4 (DOC)

Size: 61.5 KB

swgfl_enable_access_to_computers_on_your_network_from_the_internet(firewall_inbound) (DOC)

Size: 116 KB

swgfl_-_enable_access_to_the_internet_from_computers_on_yournetwork(firewall_outbound) (DOC)

Size: 116.5 KB

swgfl_-_request_to_update_existing_domain_records_-_change_control_form-5 (DOC)

Size: 62.5 KB

swgfl_-_request_for_domain_name_hosting_-_change_control_form-4 (DOC)

Size: 61.5 KB

swgfl_safety_and_security (PDF)

Size: 5.22 MB

swindon_schools_internet_survey_2011 (PDF)

Size: 144.65 KB

swindon_schools_internet_survey_2009 (PDF)

Size: 20.31 KB

swindon_schools_internet_survey_2012-2 (PDF)

Size: 871.46 KB

swgfl_school_esafety_policy_template (PDF)

Size: 4.21 MB

swgfl_-_new_mail_servive_-_change_control_form-4 (DOC)

Size: 62.5 KB

swindon_schools_internet_survey_2013 (PDF)

Size: 863.63 KB

swindon_schools_internet_survey_2010-2 (PDF)

Size: 490.26 KB