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Racial Incident Reporting


Schools should be aware that there is no longer any requirement to collect data relating to racial incident reporting as academy schools are not obliged to share this information with the LA.  Going forward Swindon Borough Council will not be monitoring these incidents.


A school should follow their own procedure for Racial Abuse incidence reporting, particularly if it is of a low level nature (e.g. inappropriate use of a word in a one off context, where there was no intent to be hurtful, for which the ‘victim’ accepts an apology etc). 


However if it is more serious, or perhaps a repeat, an incident which creates distress, or intends to create distress, something which leads to or is emotional/physical violence, or if any of the parties (including a teacher or other who may have witnessed an incident) believe it is significant, then it should be reported to the police.


Wiltshire Police use the True Vision approach; please see where there are also resources for schools.