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Planning and Development

Capital Programme

Swindon categorises the investment needs of school buildings in terms of sufficiency, suitability and condition in line with national guidance. The details of how the prioritisation of resources aimed to support sufficiency, suitability and condition are outlined in the below document which will open as a downloadable pdf document:

Primary Capital Programme

The Local Authority will take a long-term strategic approach to capital investment and to transform teaching and learning in primary schools, with the Children’s Plan at its heart.
To access funding the Local Authority were asked to prepare and submit to the Department a primary strategy for change (PSfC). The Strategy for Change includes the following five elements:
  • Local Perspective: setting out the high level strategic vision and describing the local area, its people and its schools.
  • Baseline Analysis: this outlines the current position with an analysis of information on buildings, standards, deprivation and extended and community facilities.
  • Long Term Aims: what the Local Authority want to have achieved after 14 years of investment.
  • Approach to Change: how the Local Authority will achieve its aims by setting out challenges, priorities, capacity, design, ICT, procurement and approach to planning and prioritisation.
  • Initial Investment Priorities: what the Local Authority will do first

School Place Planning

The School Place Planning Study November 2015, provides a detailed analysis of longer term school place planning issues across the Borough, especially highlighting implications for areas of new housing developments.
School Place Planning aims to ensure there are enough school places in the right area for parents to access them. The demand for school places are affected by a range of factors including:
  • Birth rates and population movements
  • School standards
  • The popularity of schools
  • Location
  • New housing development

The School Place Planning Study for Swindon Borough has been updated, follow the link below for more information: 


Education Place Planning Manager
Tel No: 01793 465802
School Place Planning Information Manager
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