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School Travel and Road Safety


Our vision in Swindon is that “all children and young people will be able to travel to their place of learning as safely and sustainably as possible and develop into the future, the skills and desire to maintain lifelong sustainable travel habits”.

We have seven strategic priorities – these are:

  • To work closely with schools, young people and their parents and carers, public transport operators, other agencies and the wider community to ensure an holistic approach to the journey to school is taken.
  • To provide suitable facilities and infrastructure so that all children and young people are able to travel to school sustainably.
  • Improve the health of young people through an increase in walking and cycling to school across the Borough.
  • Ensure young people are safe on their journey to, from and between schools.
  • To use information and education to raise awareness of sustainable transport options.
  • To make transport accessible to all children and young people in order to improve access to facilities and quality of life.
  • To provide a strategic foundation for the development and support of School Travel Plans across Swindon.


Road Safety Officer
Highways & Transport
Wat Tyler House West
Beckhampton Street
Swindon SN1 2JG
Tel: 01793 466335


For information regarding School Transport (i.e school buses), please view the School - Travel Support pages  or contact the Passenger Transport team on 01793 466213