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The Targeted Mental Health Service

Who Are We?

The Targeted Mental Health Service (TaMHS) is a Tier 2 Early intervention service. Our aim is to ensure that the emotional and mental health needs of children and young people are supported at the earliest opportunity with an appropriate intervention.
Our team consists of experienced and professionally qualified Clinical Practitioners and Outreach workers who are able to deliver a range of evidence based therapeutic interventions, such as Cognitive behavior therapy, solution focused therapy.

What Do We Do?

The Targeted Mental Health Service will offer short term interventions (4-6 sessions) that are tailored to meet the needs of each child, young person and family. We are also the Single point of access for all Tier 3 CaMHS referrals.
Consultations will be available to parents, school staff, health professionals and other agencies. Our current service criteria is below.

Who is the Service for?

We work with children and young people with emotional and mental health needs that cannot be met by staff within universal settings.
0-4 years: Concerns about early development/Neurodevelopment, routines and boundary setting, separation anxiety.
4-8 years: Anxiety, low mood, low self esteem, eating/body image, gender issues, concerns about development/Neurodevelopment, unresolved bereavement/loss, trauma, routines and boundary setting, change in emotional or behavioural presentation.
8 years upward: Anxiety, self harm, emerging eating disorders, low mood/depression, ritualistic or compulsive and obsessive behaviour patterns, low self esteem, distorted body image, issues regarding gender/identity, substance misuse, unresolved bereavement/loss, change in emotional or behavioural presentation.


The above list is a guideline for referral. TaMHS staff will be available for consultation prior to referral if required.

For further information contact:
Candace Jackson-Collier, Senior Clinincal Practitioner
Telephone: 07919 547822 
Danielle Kemp, Senior Clinical Practitioner
Telephone: 07557 541769