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This website is aimed at providing information to schools, teachers, support staff and governors. If you require more general information please visit:

Swindon Visual Impairment Service


This page provides information about the Swindon Visual Impairment Service and support that is available.

Our Aim: to provide inclusive opportunities and educational outcomes for children and young people who are blind or visually impaired.

Our Role: to work with blind and visually impaired children/young people
  • The service works with babies newly diagnosed, up to children/young people of age 19 in mainstream and special school settings. Children from age 0-4 are visited at home or pre-school setting as appropriate
  • Children and young people up to the age of 19 if they have a Statement of SEN/EHC Plan and attend a special school or sixth form college  

Eligibility criteria:

The Service has an open referral system for children and young people of pre-school and school age.  Most referrals are from health professionals. 

Many people may need to wear glasses or contact lenses to correct their vision to within the normal range.  Such children and young people are not considered to have a visual impairment.

A child or young person who has the following would be eligible: 

  • A corrected visual acuity (when wearing glasses or contact lenses) of 6/18 or worse in their better eye
  • A diagnosed, degenerative eye condition
  • A diagnosed, named eye condition that affects, or is likely to affect, their ability to access the curriculum 

Information is also available on the Local Offer website. 


The Visual Impairment Team:
Katie Hewlett (Qualified Teacher Visual Impairment)
Advisory Teacher for Visual Impairment 

Joanne Clarke, Advisory Teacher for Visual Impairment  

01793 753040

Habilitation Specialists:
Katie Moles – part time Habilitation Specialist; contact 01793 753040; mobile 07468 711896
Karen Howells - part time Habilitation Specialist; contact 01793 753040

Visual Impairment Teaching Assistants 

Karen Howells, Sarah Lane, Gemma Cheal and Kayla Jolly
Part-time Visual Impairment Teaching Assistants in school based/outreach roles.
01793 753040

Admin support (please contact for referral form)
Jacqui Styles
01793 753040

See website for further details of the service Web: