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Swindon’s Hearing Support Team


This page provides information about the Swindon Hearing Support Team Service and support that is available to educational settings and families in the Swindon area.

Our Aim

The Hearing Support Team’s (HST) aim is to support and maximise the learning opportunities of children in Swindon with a hearing loss. The team support children and young people in gaining the skills and knowledge they need to live a happy and fulfilling life through and beyond their years in education.

Who are we?

The HST is a team of 6 qualified and highly experienced Specialist Advisory Teachers of the Deaf who support children and young people with hearing related difficulties within the Swindon area. The Senior Advisory Teacher of the Deaf is Mrs Tamara Turchet.

What we do?

The team provides advice, support, training and where appropriate direct teaching to Swindon’s educational settings, families and other professional agencies who work with children aged 0 – 25 with an officially diagnosed hearing loss. We routinely contribute to children’s Early Help Records, Education, Health & Care Plans, Transition planning, Statutory Annual Reviews as well as less formal planning and review of children’s progress. 

The team liaise with Audiology and ENT departments in Swindon to support appropriate amplification for children and young people and to provide schools and families with information on hearing levels and their effect on children and young people in education. Where appropriate we can provide Additional Listening Devices (eg. Radio Aids) to school settings and undertake acoustic audits of educational environments where Deaf children are taught.  

HST also liaise regularly with other agencies (for example Speech & Language Therapy, Physiotherapy, Health Visitors, Paediatricians etc) to ensure children and families receive a coordinated service where professionals communicate effectively to support families’ best interests.

Making a referral

Many referrals to the HST come directly via audiology or ENT when a child is diagnosed with a hearing loss. Referrals from other sources (eg. schools, other professionals, parents) are accepted where there is a diagnosis of a hearing difficulty from an appropriately qualified professional (eg. audiologist/ENT consultant). Appropriate referrals will lead to an assessment by the HST and an agreement on the most suitable levels and type of support the service can provide based on the NatSIP eligibility Framework 2015.

 How to get in touch

Hearing Support Team
c/o Dorcan Academy
St Pauls Drive

HST email:
HST office number:  01793 544021


Further information is available via the Swindon Local Offer website at