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Swindon Physical Disability Service

This page provides information about the Swindon Physical Disability Support Service. 
“Our aim is to improve provision, support and resources across Swindon educational settings for students with a Physical Disability. Support is available for the student, their family and educational staff. We work in line with recommendations from the SEN Code of Practice (2001), the SEN Disability Act (2005), and other current legislation.”

What is the role of Swindon Physical Disability Support Service?

To work with children/young people:
  • 2-19yrs who have a physical or medical condition
  • with and without a statement of Special Educational Need
  • who are in their local mainstream primary or secondary school
  • or in a Special Resource Provision for Physical Disability (SRP PD)
    at Robert Le Kyng Primary School, Westlea Primary School and Commonweal Academy.
  • in mainstream Special Resource Provision schools for Complex Learning Difficulties or Emotional Behaviour Difficulties
  • To monitor children/young people with Physical Disability who are in out of borough schools.

Advisory role includes:

  • Advice to the Children Service, to Parents, Pre-school settings, Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Midday Supervisors, Governors and College staff.
  • Advice on Access to the curriculum, differentiation of work, alternative methods of recording, classroom organisation, perception and specialist equipment including, class chairs, writing slopes and scissors.
  • Advice for Individual Education Plans/Play Plans, Annual Reviews, Transition Plans.
  • Monitoring of special educational arrangements and provision.
  • Strategic planning, policies to support children/young people with Physical Disability/ medical needs.
  • Access to the Community Equipment Stores for specialist equipment such as changing tables, mobility slings, specialist seating and toileting equipment.
  • Environmental Audit: which involves:
  • Access to buildings and request for provision of, for example, lifts, ramps, handrails as well as, alterations to toilets and medical rooms.
  • Access to the curriculum and advice/ provision of specialist furniture, such as, adjustable height workstations, specialist seating, changing tables, hoists, equipment for PE and Design Technology.
  • Training Courses: Training Courses and Inset Support Information
  • General advice on: Manual/people handling and risk management/assessment of manoeuvres and equipment.
Training courses and Inset support available:

The Advisory Teacher will provide support and training for supporting specific individual students who have been referred to the service. This will be in the form of visits, phone and email advice, written reports and training of specific supporting staff.

In addition to this support, the Advisor Teacher offers the training courses below:

People focused Manual Handling Training:
A people focused manual handling course, which will ensure that staff are trained to a national standard of person manual handling, in accordance with legal recommendations. Courses can be focused on specific clients if requested.
£40 per person
Disability Awareness:


Training incorporates both theoretical and practical activities to ensure an in-depth understanding of suitable support for Physically Disabled students. Activities provide an insight to how it feels to have a physical disability, whilst the theory element of the course helps to provide useful information of how to adapt lessons and resources to make the curriculum inclusive.

£30 per person
Emma Waters
Advisory Teacher for Physical Disability
The Commonweal Academy,
The Mall,
Old Town,
Swindon, SN1 4JE
01793 513437