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Alternative Provision

Alternative Provision for pupils of Statutory School Age – Swindon Borough Council Directory 2018/19


The purpose of this directory is to bring together in one place a list of Alternative Provision available in the Swindon Area. This directory will be reviewed annually and details of providers amended/added as necessary throughout the academic year.

The information is provided on the basis that all of the organisations listed have supported Swindon children and/or young people and most have or are being commissioned by Swindon Schools.

It is to be noted that Swindon Borough Council is not able to recommend any of the provision listed. All checks with regard to the engagement of any provider must be undertaken by the commissioning school/setting.    

The Commissioner’s responsibilities 

The primary responsibility for the safeguarding and quality of a young person’s education is the school or education setting where the pupil is on roll. This is the case even if a pupil isn’t at that school/setting for any of their education offer. Other organisations or agencies may commission educational experiences and whilst they may be important stakeholders, the key responsibility is with the establishment where the pupil is on roll. Not only do commissioners have professional responsibility for the quality of education and safety, increasingly OFSTED inspectors, (of schools and providers) will require proof of due diligence around the placement of pupils. 

The Provider’s responsibilities 

Any provider of alternative placements must have policies and systems that support a positive educational experience to pupils. Respite and empathy are not necessarily sufficient. A placement must show engagement with learning and demonstrate measurable progress to be considered successful.

For detailed advice on Commissioning Alternative Educational Provision please refer to Swindon Borough Council guidance for schools and other education providers: 


Commissioning Alternative Provision Advice to Schools


The Alternative Provision (AP) directory

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