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This website is aimed at providing information to schools, teachers, support staff and governors. If you require more general information please visit:

Education Welfare Services

Education Welfare Service (EWS) works with schools, parents/carers and children who are experiencing difficulties in attending school. The Education Welfare Service will support schools in improving and maintaining high levels of school attendance for all pupils, leading to increased attainment.


All schools receive the following statutory/core service: 

Children Missing Education (CME) 

EWS will investigate the reasons for absenteeism from school. All schools are required to notify EWS when a child has not attended school for 10 consecutive days or more. To report a ​​CME please use this online form​.

Elective Home Education (EHE)

Parents have a right to educate their children at home. Please inform EWS when a parent informs you of their decision to EHE their child. Please use the following School Leaver Form 2017.

Please forward a copy of their signed letter of intent to EWS. Please use the following EHE guidelines 2017-2018.

For an update on EHE and EHCP please use the Elective Home Education and EHCPs information. 

Child Performance and Employment Guidance

EWS will issuing and monitor child work permits, chaperone licences and performance licences. For further information, please see Child Performance and Employment information August 2018

Legal Service: Initial and Review Case Discussion Meetings 

EWS will provide Legal Casework support leading to Prosecution for non-school attendance in the magistrates Court under Section 444 of the Education Act 1966, following a graduated response.  This comprises of an Initial Case Discussion and a Review Case Discussion through to progression to court. For further information on Case Discussions please see Referrals to Education Welfare as part of the Graduated Response

Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) Service 

EWS provides a service that enables Schools to request a FPN be issued in the cases of Unauthorised School Holidays during term time; for cases of low school attendance and in cases where a pupil is seen in a public place, within the first five days of a Fixed Term Exclusion (during school hours). For a copy of the FPN Code of Conduct please see the Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) Code of Conduct April 2017.

For further information on the FPN process, please see the Fixed Penalty Notice Process


Please visit here to access the Education Fines system.

Education Welfare Traded Service  

The service offering to schools includes all of the above and in addition a bespoke service can be tailored specifically to meet the individual needs of your school:


• A professional and experienced workforce, with a proven track record of improving poor school attendance


• A named Education Welfare Officer will be allocated to your school, who receives regular supervision to ensure high standards of professionalism and accountability


• Extensive knowledge of individual case work, record keeping, attendance issues, the law in relation to school attendance including policy and best practice


• We work closely in partnership with schools, children and families, agencies and other services to ensure regular school attendance providing consideration for vulnerable groups


• We can offer a wealth of knowledge and guidance to schools when introducing strategies to help improve attendance and reduce Persistent Absence


• We attend pre-arranged meetings with school staff to include: consultation meetings with designated school staff, discussion and advice on a wide range of issues including improving attendance of specific pupils, whole school approach, welfare issues and exclusions advice


• We deliver a full range of Education Welfare Officer case work including home visits, parent meetings, record keeping, liaison with school staff and other agencies, advice on elective home education

• As part of our Graduated Response towards poor school attendance, we can offer a wide range of measures including issuing warning letters to parents on behalf of schools for non school attendance through to EWO guidance and support during Initial and Review Case Discussions as cases are considered for and paperwork prepared for legal action.


For further information on Legal Casework: initial and review Case Discussion meetings, please see Case Discussion Request

Additional Traded Services Packages Available: 

Supervision for staff:

We can offer regular supervision to your Attendance Officers over an academic year, providing advice and guidance to support school actions and strategies on improving school attendance levels.

Standard package: To include 6 termly supervision sessions, including supervision agreement, travel costs, and any resources required.   

Cool Cats

A fun and proven method of motivating young children to improve school attendance. Working with either the whole class or designated groups of students from Reception to Year 3 via planned weekly sessions to encourage and promote punctuality, regular attendance and establishing good routines at home. These sessions run over a 5-6 week period.

Targeted Year 11 Intervention
Focussed Year 11 attendance intervention led by EWS to support schools and pupils to maintain excellent attendance and improve attainment in the GCSE year.

Further information on the range of Traded Services and the cost of packages available from EWS can be found at .  

Attendance Audits:

We can carry out audits on all areas of school attendance to support schools in ensuring he highest standards of registration procatice are maintained. 

EWS Documents  


If you have any questions regarding any of the information above or would like to arrange a meeting to discuss a particular service, please contact:    

Wendy Lunt
Professional Lead, Education Welfare Service
Children, Families & Community Heath – North Locality
Palm Tree Lodge
21 Green Road