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This website is aimed at providing information to schools, teachers, support staff and governors. If you require more general information please visit:

Crimestoppers and Fearless Campaign

There is a wide range of information about Crimestoppers and the Fearless campaign online.

Crimestoppers Ambassador Information

What does an Ambassador do?

The role of an Ambassador is to promote Crimestoppers and their youth brand whenever and wherever you can: whether it be to employees, contractors, clients, service users, partner agencies or other stakeholders within your local area.

Sign up and in return, you get:

• Support from your local regional team

• Biannual newsletter

• Promotional materials – both Crimestoppers and

• Updates on specific campaigns e.g. County Lines and resources available

• Invitation for you and your representatives to attend any Crimestoppers Ambassadors networking events (frequency and nature varies).

Five easy steps to becoming an Ambassador:

1. Contact us by phone on 020 8835 3700 or email

2. A Crimestoppers representative will contact you to find out more about you and your organisation and will, if requested, meet up to answer any questions

a. This could include enabling your student council to have a dedicated representative

3. Sign up for training and receive a range of promotional materials

4. Start spreading the word!

5. Display your Ambassador Partner certificate within your organisation and help us to help your local community.