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South West Grid for Learning - Safety

Internet safety and security is everyone's responsibility...

Every Swindon school has signed up to the "SWGfL Internet Acceptable Usage Policy" and can be found within the SWGfL Safety and Security document below. This document also contains details of the filtering policy of the SWGfL and the details of how to use the SWGfL Staff and Update proxy's, as well as how to amend each individual schools filtering system.
Schools are advised that every member staff and any other users of the Internet reads, agrees and signs the SWGfL Internet AUP. A downloadable pdf version of this document is available here: SWGfL Safety and Security
To assist schools in creating their own e-safety policy, SWGfL has created a school e-safety policy template. A downloadable pdf version of this document is available here: SWGfL School e-safety Policy Template
In addition to an Internet use Policy, colleagues across Schools and the LA have created a "Generic Schools ICT Policy" for schools to adopt and/or amend: Generic School ICT Policy

Swindon Schools Internet Survey

An anonymous online survey has been conducted over the last two years with Swindon children responding, from Years 3 to 11. This is in response to a request from the Swindon EICT strategic group and Swindon LSCB esafety sub group. The data collected informs the e-safety programme of support with schools and parents. Schools are sent their individual set of data with which to evaluate their current internet safety provision in school. A summary of key findings can be found by clicking on the links below:
Swindon Schools Internet Survey 2010
For information to undertake the annual survey please contact .
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Is your data safe?

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