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Public Health Updates

This page will hold regular updates in respect of Public Health bulletins and warnings.

More information can be found at the Public Health England website at .


Beat the Streets 2019                           17 July 2019 

Last year “Beat the Streets” was a fantastic success in Swindon with the town walking to the moon and back in 6 weeks! Schools engaged across the borough and I am really excited to tell you that Swindon has been fortunate to get Sport England funding to run “Beat the Streets” for a second time. It is fun, free walking and cycling game and this year will run from 25th September to 6th November 2019. It is very easy for your school to get involved, all the materials and resources provided. Please see the attached letter (also held on schoolsonline in the Green section of the e-bulletin board).

“Beat the Street” is a fantastic opportunity to bring together your school and get staff, pupils and their families involved. It links to many schools outcomes (detailed in the attached letter) and there will be hundreds of pounds worth of prizes and a Swindon school competition!

Please get involved in this fun way to boost physical activity. Last year’s Swindon Beat the Street engaged 31,892 people across the town and demonstrated sustainable increases at 6 months in physical activity and reducing anxiety in children and adults. Schools and other organisations also reported building positive interpersonal relationships.

Please click here for more information: Beat the Street Schools Invitation - Swindon 

Dr Ayoola Oyinloye
Interim Director of Public Health


Scarlet Fever - Increased Incidence Information         04 March 2019

 Scarlet fever increased incidence school  letter 2019

 Scarlet fever FAQs  


Update re Flu Vaccination 25 January 2019


Please share the below information with your parents and carers:
Dear parents and carers,
At this time of the year as the weather turns colder, a lot of flu viruses are circulating in the community causing Illness and lost days at school. 

Flu vaccination is the best way to protect your child against the flu. Vaccinating your child also protects you, your family, friends and other vulnerable people in the community.

It is still not too late for your child to be vaccinated.

If you have not returned the consent forms sent to you by school but would like to request the Flu vaccination for your child please contact the School Immunisation Team directly on 0333 321 9838 so this can be arranged. You can get more information about this vaccine here.
The follwing link to the information booklet also gives more information about flu vaccination in children: PHE Protecting Child form Flu leaflet


Advice on GDPR and Vaccination in Primary Schools  2 December 2018

HT GDPR Vaccination Primary School Letter 2 Dec 2018


Infection Control Poster                                           November 2018

Infection Control Poster - Nov 2018


EpiPen and EpiPen Junior Guidance                     22 October 2018

EpiPen and EpiPen Junior Guidance

EpiPen 2018 Parent and Guardian Letter 


New Carers Flu Vaccination Toolkit (includes Young Carers) 

17 October 2018

The BSW STP Flu Group has produce a new Carers Flu Vaccination Toolkit for use by professionals.   This aim of this toolkit is to bring together all the information and resources available to encourage unpaid carers to have the flu vaccination.  

As most people do not identify themselves as carers, as “they just look after mum” or “help gran around the house”, the definition of a carer we are using is ‘anyone who identifies themselves as looking after someone that couldn’t manage without that persons help if they got ill’.    

The information provided will help enable professionals to advise carers or the person they care for that they are eligible for a free NHS flu vaccination and why it’s recommended that they have it.  Schools can also request free promotional postcards from

For further information please contact Dr Ayo Oyinloye, Consultant in Public Health Medicine, Public Health, Swindon Borough Council; email or telephone: (01793) 444674. 


NEW Oral Health Resources for Schools - National Smile Campaign, 14 May to 14 June 2018

Please review the attached flier for more information.  


Oral Health Training For Early Years Leaders In Swindon    October 2017

Dental statistics for the Swindon area showed that more than one in twelve (7.9%) three year olds in Swindon experience tooth decay in a survey in 2013. On average, these children have 2.21 teeth that were decayed, missing or filled.

In 2011/12, Swindon had the second highest rate of admissions for tooth extractions in the South west. The rate of admissions has since fallen a little, similar to the rest of the Southwest,  but we  have been informed that the Oral Surgery department at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon administer general anaesthetic to between 6 – 10 per week for the extraction of teeth. This is still a considerable number, especially as some children are having multiple extractions and indeed return at a later stage for further extractions.

The Oral Health Promotion Team, from the Community Dental Services GWH NHS Foundation Trust would like to offer you and your staff some face to face training in oral health so that you can establish some good practice towards better oral health for the children and their families attending your setting.

The training will provide information on the following:

• The causes of dental decay and disease

• Prevention of dental diseases in children

• Diet advice

• Advice on tooth brushing and possible tooth brushing schemes

• Advice and support for projects and lesson plans within your setting

 Further resources are available here:
To apply for a training session, please fill in the application form on this site and send it to
Gillian Tripp at 
We look forward to receiving your request.
Oral Health Promotion Team
Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Community Dental Service, Oral Health Promotion
Dental Access Centre
Chippenham Community Dental Hospital
SN15 2AJ



FREE Resources for Schools - E-bug website                         October 2017

Free microbiology, hygiene and health educational resource for junior (9 to 11 years) and senior (12 to 15 years) school students, and young adults (15 to 18 years).


e-Bug now also includes an AMR Science Debate Kit and peer education materials for young adults to deliver to their peers in schools and community outreach groups.

Please visit to find out more. 


NEW Oral Health Resources for Schools September 2017


Oral health training for teaching staff 


The Oral Health Promotion Team have  produced a training  resource  pack designed to give teachers some evidence based oral health information that will help to support you with oral health sessions or projects within the classroom.

If you choose to use this training resource, we would really appreciate any feedback. If you could spare a few minutes to complete the evaluation form and send it back to us as instructed at the top of the form, we would be very grateful.

After receiving this evaluation, we will send a certificate to you as proof of completing the training pack.

We hope that you will find the training pack informative and of great use with planning oral health projects in your classroom.

We would also like to offer oral health sessions for teaching staff. These sessions can be delivered by our team to suit the needs of your school. We can offer evidence based oral health messages to help you with projects in school. These sessions will also give you information about the Happy Smiles Award.

Oral Health Promotion Team
Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Community Dental Service, Oral Health Promotion
Dental Access Centre
Chippenham Community Dental Hospital
SN15 2AJ


Oral Health Resources for Schools July 2017

A healthy mouth is a vital part of a healthy body. Having a healthy mouth allows us to speak, smile, kiss, taste, chew, swallow and cry. These skills are fundamental to our daily living and are a key element of health and wellbeing. The impacts of an unhealthy mouth in children include; school absence, pain, difficulties eating, and problems speaking.

In Swindon:

  • Almost three in ten 5 year olds have more than three decayed teeth,
  • Almost three in ten 12 years olds have more than two decayed teeth.


Improving oral health:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day with toothpaste with fluoride in. Don’t rinse your mouth after brushing.
  • Have a healthy lifestyle, including eating well, not smoking and limiting your alcohol and sugar intake. It's good for your whole body, including your teeth, gums and mouth.
  • Visit the dentist.

Happy Smiles Programme

The oral health promotion team have developed a fantastic programme to support you with your schools dedication towards improving your children’s and their families’ oral and general health.  If you can show evidence that all the criterion have been met after completing the programme,  your school will be awarded a certificate.

The programme includes:

  • Classroom activities,
  • Evidence based messages for teachers,
  • Printable resources for the classroom activities,
  • Information for parents.

To apply for a copy of this programme, please fill in the application form and send it to If you have any questions please contact the oral health promotion team via this e-mail address. 

Oral Health Promotion Resources

Below are some resources that have been produced for you to use in your school:

Dental Work Books:

Series 1 - this has been developed for year 1 and 2. The book can also be used as a ‘trigger’ for classroom activity using the picture content only.

Series 2  - this is for years 3 and 4

Series 3  - this is for year 5 and 6

All the content is in line with national curriculum requirements and supports PSHE studies.

There are messages on the back of the books that can be taken home for parents to read, and some of the activities may include parental support.


This could be given to pupils if you choose to take part in the tooth brushing activities.

Colouring sheets:

The colouring sheets can be used in the foundation years. These can be part of a tooth fairy story. There are many story books available with good oral health messages that include why the tooth fairy comes! If you are planning ‘looking after teeth’ sessions, you may like to use these. Children in foundation years loose their first baby tooth at around the age of 5 years, so they are really appropriate.

If we can support you with any advice, please send an email to:

Further information can be found at the Public Health England website - please visit: