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Schools Forum

Role of the Schools Forum

Schools Forum is made up of representatives from schools and academies, but with some representation from other non-school organisations, such as nursery and 14-19 education providers. The forum acts as a consultative body on some issues and a decision making body on others.
The forum acts in a consultative role for:
  • Changes to the local funding formula. (The local authority is responsible for the final decision, although in some cases it may delegate the decision-making power to the Schools Forum) 
  • Proposed changes to the operation of the minimum funding guarantee 
  • Changes to or new contracts affecting schools (e.g. school meals) 
  • Arrangements for pupils with special educational needs, in pupil referral units and in early years provision

The forum is responsible for decisions on: 

  • How much funding may be centrally retained within the Dedicated Schools Grant (e.g. for the Admissions Service, prudential borrowing costs, additional funding available for growing schools) 
  • Any proposed carry forward of deficits on central spend from one year to the next 
  • Proposals to de-delegate funding from maintained primary and secondary schools (e.g. for staff supply cover, insurance, behaviour support) 
  • Changes to the scheme of financial management

Agendas and Minutes of meetings

Schools Forum a guide for schools and academies