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Terms and Conditions

​Terms and Conditions of Use

The details listed within these Terms and Conditions relate to copyright and usage of material and information within the Swindon schoolsonline website (

Open Data and Transparency

Swindon Borough Council (the Council) is committed to the principles of open data and transparency. Open data means making the non-personal information we hold freely available to everyone in a format that can be viewed and re-used at will.

Anyone can use our data. You don't have to apply or ask for permission, but you do have to agree to the terms of the Open Government Licence for public sector information.

Intellectual property

The names, images and logos identifying Swindon Borough Council are proprietary marks of the Council. Copying of our logos and/or any other third party logos accessed via this website is not permitted without the express permission of the relevant copyright owner.

Map Data - Copyright Issues

Ordnance Survey

The Ordnance Survey map data included within this web site is provided by Swindon Borough Council under licence from the Ordnance Survey in order to fulfil its public function to act as a local authority. Persons viewing this mapping should contact Ordnance Survey copyright for advice where they wish to licence Ordnance Survey map data for their own use.


Google Map data within this website is subject a set of terms and conditions of use that are specified by Google. Any person using this map data is deemed to have agreed to be bound by Google's Terms of Use.


This website contains general information about Swindon Borough Council and the services it provides. Although the Council takes great care to ensure the accuracy of the information presented on this website, its accuracy, or relevancy to you, cannot be guaranteed.

This website may from time to time operate chat rooms, forums, or other methods by which members of the public can express their views publicly. The publication on this website of such views does not in any way suggest that the Council supports or condones them. Because such chat room or forum services are public, the Council cannot guarantee that from time to time views will not be expressed on them which will be found by other members of the public to be offensive. However, the Council will take all reasonable steps to remove material which it believes to be offensive in accordance with its policy on such matters.

Should any person enter into correspondence with the Council regarding the content of this website (whether by letter, e-mail, telephone or howsoever otherwise), or make any correspondence through or via the services (including chat room or forum services) offered on this website, then any such correspondence shall be deemed not to be confidential and Swindon Borough Council shall be free (without infringing any copyright or like rights in such correspondence) to publish, reproduce, and or howsoever otherwise distribute all or a part of such correspondence for whatever purpose the Council shall deem fit. If the said correspondence should contain any ideas (of whatever nature), Swindon Borough Council shall be free to use those ideas for whatever purpose (and whatever period) it shall deem fit, and such use shall be free of any payment (or any other form of compensation) to the author(s) of the correspondence.

The website may from time to time contain links to websites which are not controlled by Swindon Borough Council. The Council has no control over these external websites. Unless specifically stated otherwise, the Council does not approve, recommend or endorse the content of, opinions expressed in, or any products or services offered via, such third party websites. Furthermore, the Council does not in any way guarantee the accuracy of the information contained in such websites nor does it guarantee that such websites will be free of objectionable content or free of content which is unsuitable for minors.
Swindon Borough Council does not guarantee that this website, or any website accessed via this website, is free of viruses. You should take all appropriate safeguards to prevent virus infection before accessing any part, or any information contained in, or downloadable from, this website.

The content of this website is particularly directed to schools, other education providers and childcare organisations and those that work within the education sector in the Borough of Swindon. Whilst the website is accessible to persons resident outside the council boundaries, this does not imply that the Council will provide any service mentioned on the website to such persons.
Swindon Borough Council, its employees, and/or agents, will not be liable for any damage caused by use of, or reliance upon, information and/or data published on, or arising out of use of, this website.

Privacy Statement and Personal Information and Privacy Policy

You can review all Privacy Notices here:


Data Protection

For information about Data Protection see:


National Fraud Initiative

 Swindon Borough Council is under a duty to protect the public funds it administers and to this end may use the information you have provided for the prevention and detection of fraud. It may also share this information with other bodies responsible for auditing or administering public funds for these purposes.

For further information please see National Fraud Initiative or contact

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